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Disaster First Aid Goes Global

Starting out as a kitchen-table small-business in Berkeley in 1996, Disaster First Aid has grown from a little book into a full Training System for everybody. Now it's being taught in 35 U.S. Cities, several Canadian Provinces, Haiti, New Delhi India, and Jakarta Indonesia. We have never sought users outside the U.S. because of the high cost of shipping. That's no longer a problem. Now anyone can download an E-book of the text/handbook in PDF format. No waiting, no shipping charges.


Good news for you instructors, each of your students can now download their own book and preview the material before class. The hardcopy book is sill available too for first aid kits. Now DFA is accessible to everyone everywhere in the world that has an Internet connection!


Save the Savable Lives & Limbs In The First Minutes & Hours


In the Haiti Earthquake, thousands of children and adults required amputations because infection set in while they had to wait for help. People died of blood loss and shock while families watched helplessly, because nobody knew what to do. Even though a group from Doctors Without Borders was already there when the earthquake happened, they were quickly overwhelmed by thousands of injured.


After the Loma Prieta earthquake, when the Cypress freeway collapsed onto rush hour traffic, 90% of the lives that were saved, were NOT saved by the fire engines or the paramedics or even the multi-million dollar heavy earth-moving equipment. They were saved by just the people in the neighborhood using whatever they had. Before the next big earthquake or terrorist attack comes, maybe we ought to take a look around and see what we can do to help ourselves and each other.


This Is NOT Standard First Aid, Not CERT, and Not

Your Grandfather's First Aid


Disaster First Aid© is completely different, as you'll notice right away. It's designed to be complete but concise, practical and do-able by almost anyone, and focused on essentials only. You learn to use the most important tools:


1. Your own two hands,

2. Whatever materials are available to you,

3. START rapid triage

4. The Hands-On Skills: Head to toe exam, bandaging &

splinting, controlling bleeding and shock

5. Your own good common sense.

Based on disaster protocols used by Fire and Ambulance EMS First Responders, scaled down to Citizen level, DFA is What To Do When 911 Can't Come, to save the savable lives that otherwise would be lost while waiting for help.


For Part-Timers, Career-Changers
and Small Business Entrpreneurs:


There is a tremendous need for Emergency Response Preparedness training for every citizen the world over. The world is more violent, and natural disasters seem to be increasing. At the same time, economic disasters have damaged many people's sources of income.


The world needs Disaster First Aid, and DFA needs instructors. If you are a firefighter, EMT, paramedic, nurse, teacher, or coach, you can certainly teach DFA. If you have given PowerPoint presentations at work, taught a Sunday school class, or coached a kid's softball team, you can probably teach DFA. If you need some income, this course is an opportunity that needs very little investment, can be done part-time evenings or weekends, and is very portable. Would you like to learn more about it? (Here are some FAQs…)



Still #1


Disaster First Aid is still ranked #1 on Google search under the keywords "first aid for disaster" and "Disaster Triage" for seven years and counting. That means there's good, targeted content on our website. Come see. Read some of the "Life Lines" articles, like: "Triage for Disaster - What It Is, Why It Is, How It Is."


You don't have to be a professional teacher to teach Disaster First Aid, or a rocket scientist to learn it. It's different. It's outside the box. It works. We hope you like it, and use it.


Our best to you.

the staff & friends of Disaster First Aid

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