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To help instructors and teaching agencies connect with the people they want to reach, this month we started a new avenue of outreach for the course and for the people who teach it: Membership – an idea suggested by one of our DFA system subscribers. Membership is free, and brings special discounts and perks, more  options for communications and dialog between members with us, and members with other members. Plus – a brand-new benefit for everyone who teaches DFA classes to the public: a free networking Ad-Space and Profile on our #1-ranked website. 

For more information visit membership  and apply for your Membership and AdSpace/Profile.


We’re expanding the outreach of this important training and creating an environment for closer collaboration with other organizations and teaching programs. We hope you will share your ideas and experience with other groups though your emails, our newsletter, and soon to come: a member’s Forum.

You’re also invited to contribute your articles, stories and ideas to the “Life Lines” column on our website.

Available now:

• Membership with privileges
• Free listings and links from our site to yours
• Free AdSpace and Profiles


We're excited about the new Member Profiles and the sharing of information and resources it will bring. We hope you will participate in this and in helping both our program and yours to grow.

To see some Profiles of individuals and groups who teach DFA :

“Ultimately the world won’t be saved by technology; it will be saved by people helping people.”

Our best to you always,
the staff and friends of DFA

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