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1. First Aid Kits: Buyer Beware

2. It Can't Happen Here: Katrina and the California Earthquake

3. Disaster Triage: What It Is, Why It Is, How It Is.

4. Surviving the Emergency Urban Wilderness

5. Search and Rescue: Lifesaving Learning for Regular People

6. No Room For Disaster: A Normal Day In A Real ER

7. What Can I Do? Be Part of the Help Instead of the Helpless

8. Humility In the Face of a Fatal Trauma: One Person's Experience.

9. CPR In Disaster: In Tough Choices, Save the Living.

10. The Haiti Earthquake

11. Don't Make Things Worse: Turn Off Your Cell Phone.

12. A Letter From Japan Personal Letter From Sendai

13. Tornado Preparedness The Six Keys To Safety

Tell Your Story: Submit stories, articles, or progress reports about your area of experience, interest or expertise related to disaster, emergency medical, fire, ambulance, rescue, SAR, etc.

Our articles pages, called "Life Lines" are informal articles and stories about real disasters, emergency events, and useful survival information. The articles are written by professionals and non-professionals who have insights, experiences, or information they want to share. These are free articles you can download for your home or workplace Disaster Information.

If you work in Fire or Ambulance EMS, or a Hospital Emergency Room, or if you’ve had a personal real-life experience in an emergency yourself, please share it with our readers. Write up your informal, essay-type story or article about any topic related to disasters, large or small, natural or man-made, and what it was like for you. You don’t need to be an experienced or professional writer; we’ll fix the grammar and spelling if needed. We’re looking for real stuff from real people. Send your ideas and articles to: disasterfirstaid@earthlink.net

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