Disaster First Aid: User and Instructor Endoresments
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Disaster First Aid Goes To Alaska


The Alaska Nurses Association has partnered with Public Health Nursing / Alaska Division of Public Health, the Anchorage Medical Reserve Corps of the Department of Health and Human Services and the Alaska Chapter of the American Red Cross to create the Alaska Nurse Alert System (ANAS).

The Goal of ANAS 

is to establish a network of volunteer nurses who will be activated to prepare for, or respond to, natural and manmade disasters or emergencies, including acts of terror, bioterrorism, earthquakes, and other unforeseen events in Alaska.

What Can I Do as a Volunteer?  

Volunteers may be asked to work in some capacity in an emergency shelter, provide mass immunizations which may include history taking / screening, education or administration of immunizations.  Nurse volunteers could  be asked to supplement local hospital personnel or serve in field trauma units

The 2010 Great California ShakeOut is the country's largest earthquake drill. More than 7.8 million adults and children signed up to participate in this year's shakeout. For the first time, the State of Nevada and the City of Yuma Arizona joined the drill.

"The Big Shaker" the worlds largest earthquake simulator, was on hand at one of the drill sites showing people what an earthquake feels like.  However, its shaking simulation was less than the magnitude 7.8 earthquake that scientists base the annual Shakeout drill on.

"The earthquakes are absolutely inevitable. It is not a matter of if, it really is a matter of when." stated Dr. Lucy Jones a Seismologist for the U.S. Geological Survey and Chief Scientist for the Multi-Hazards Initiative.

Matt Bettehausen, Secretary for the California Emergency Management Agency (Cal EMA) stated that when a catastrophic event occurs, first responders are greatly overwhelmed and need the public to better prepare for all hazards, particularly earthquakes...

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