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LeMay Hupp, RN, of Anchorage Alaska created and developed the Alaska Nurse Alert System in 2010 and trained R.N. volunteers to become Disaster First Aid instructors. These nurses then travel to other cities and outlying areas to teach DFA to citizens. In 2011, the program was adopted into the State of Alaska’s Division of Public Health Services ESAR-VHP system and LeMay has been appointed Director of the statewide program, where she continues her excellent teaching, organizing, and mentoring work. Nurses taking this DFA training course can receive 4 hours of Nursing Continuing Education credits.

see Profile: Alaska RESPOND at our website.


Winslow "Wink" Chase, OCEVA, of Seal Beach California. His Organized Communities Emergency Volunteer Association is a central source for citizen disaster preparedness and response that integrates disaster planning among businesses, neighborhoods, First Responder agencies, and government and non-government organizations. As head of OCEVA, Mr. Chase has personally taught large groups of adults and seniors. OCEVA also links and coordinates programs in Family Disaster Preparedness, First Responder, Organizational Leadership, CPR, N.E.S.T. (aka CERT) and Teen N.E.S.T. 
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When you buy the Instructor Kit, you automatically become a "subscriber" which means you have the right to teach the course. You can teach DFA just for your own neighborhood group or coworkers, or you can teach DFA as a Small Business to earn a living.


Whether you teach for free or for income, you can join our DFA Members group for special discounts and perks. Instructors who teach for income can have, at your request, a free ad space on our Google #1 website. To become a member and set up your free profile and ad-space, go to: www.disastefirstaid.com/beamember.html




We always need articles for our Life Lines column. We’re looking for disaster-related helpful information of all kinds, stories of emergency experiences, and descriptions of your local disaster response team or activities, anything that might assist other new groups getting started. To submit a story go to: www.disasterfirstaid.com/ submitlifelines.html or e-mail disasterfirstaid@gmail.com


Disaster First Aid Handbook


At the suggestion of some of our busiest Instructors, we have restructured the Handbook to more closely mirror the Powerpoint Presentation. The biggest change is the order of pages: the Skills illustrations that were located in the Appendix are now moved forward into the specific sections they relate to. The 4th edition has some new material, but if you still have 3rd edition books on hand, you can continue to use them as before, and your next book order will be the new edition. The 4th edition is also available as an E-book at the website.



for Nurses and Paramedics


The first state-level program to offer Continuing Education credits in Nursing for DFA was Alaska RESPOND, a division of the Alaska Public Health Department ESAR-VHP. (Every state has a similar medical volunteer central registry.) The approved course was adapted and set up as an Instructor Training course. Other educational programs can apply for CE through their State Public Health or Nursing Education systems.


For Paramedic CE provider programs, apply through your state or county Prehospital CE Provider channels.

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