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Affiliate Program: Terms of Service

This is a legal agreement between the Affiliate Program member (below to be designated as "you"or "your") and Disaster First Aid Training System Affiliate Program (below to be designated as "us" or "we"). This Agreement contains the terms and conditions that apply to Your participation to in the Disaster First Aid Affiliate Program.

By submitting the online application you are agreeing that you have read and understand the terms and conditions of this agreement and that you agree to abide by and be legally responsible for these terms and conditions. Anyone determined by Disaster First Aid Training System and/or Darkhorse Press United States to have violated these terms and conditions may be removed from the Affiliate program.


We are an independent small business with its principal place of operations in Oakland California. The words "applicant", and "you" refer to the person or entity applying for and/or maintaining participation in this Affiliate Program. “Active” means an applicant who has completed the application, has been accepted by us into the Disaster First Aid Affiliate Program, and is eligible to earn commissions via this program. "Your site" means the internet website which you own and which you specify in your application. “The Disaster First Aid site” means http://www.disasterfirstaid.com.

Enrollment into the Program

To enroll, complete and submit the online application. You will receive an email containing your user-ID number and password. Acceptance and activation of your membership is then pending a screening of your website for appropriateness and compatibility with our program’s goals and standards. We reserve the right to decline your application at our sole discretion if it is determined to be inappropriate, incompatible, or otherwise unsuitable.

Unsuitable sites may include but are not limited to:

– sites that are under construction, incomplete or deficient, inactive, or not easily accessible.
– sites that advertise, contain or link to “adult” or sexually explicit materials.
– sites that contain or link to any sites displaying or supporting violent or illegal activities.
– sites that contain or link to any site containing racial, political, social, or gender discrimination of any kind.
– sites whose themes are primarily political.
– sites that violate intellectual property copyrights or violate any local, state, federal or other laws or regulations.
– sites that contain libelous, defamatory or disparaging materials or statements.
– sites that contain false or misleading advertising.
– sites that are deemed by us to be incompatible with the values and content of our sites for any reason.

Reporting and Sales Stats: Your Control Center

As a participant in this Affiliate Program, you will have your own Secure Administrative Control Center accessed by your user ID-number and password, where you can view your affiliate sales and commissions, or change/update your account information. It is your responsibility to keep your email and postal mail addresses current and correct.

You will be able to download HTML code for graphics or text items that provide links to web pages within the Disaster First Aid website. You may not alter any graphic/gif codes, and may not change the wording of text links. You must use this HTML code that we provide in order for the system to track visits and sales from your site and calculate your commissions. Subject to the terms of this Agreement, we grant you a non-exclusive, non-sub-licensable right to display and host the Disaster First Aid Affiliate Links provided to you under this Agreement.

You may not use the Disaster First Aid or Darkhorse Press Trademarks, links or images for any purpose except those authorized above, i.e. the Disaster First Aid Affiliate Program. You may not modify or alter the Disaster First Aid Trademarks, links or images. If we update those graphics, you agree to replace our old graphics with the new ones.

Commission Fees, Fee Schedule and Fee Payment

Your Commission Fees are accrued and processed on a monthly basis for the month in which they are paid by the buyer. Commissions on purchases made by check are not credited until checks have been paid and cleared our bank. These commissions are ususally paid to affiliates on a quarterly schedule, or as stated below:
(A) If your commissions equal $50 or more, you may opt to receive payment monthly;
(B) if the Fees payable to you for any calendar month are less than $50.00, these Fees will be paid at the end of each current 3-month quarter. In the event that this agreement is terminated, either by you or by us, any fees you are legally entitled to during the period while your Affiliate status was approved and in service will be paid within 60 days of the termination, or when termination requirements are met. No comissions will be paid on any sale that occurs after the termination of an affiliate, whether terminated is made by the affiiate of by Disaster First Aid.

Responsibility for Your Internet Web Site

You are entirely responsible for the content of your website and for placement of the links. You agree to fully cooperate with us in order to establish and maintain any links between the Disaster First Aid site and Your Site. Disaster First Aid Affiliate program reserves the right, at any time, to review and reassess your site and may require you to change or remove the placement or use of our logos and/or links to comply with the guidelines provided here.

You also agree that any graphic images that you display pertaining to Disaster First Aid for use as a link, will only be graphic images that we provide to you from your Affiliate Control Center. New information or standards and other Member News may be posted in the Control Center or sent to you by email from time to time. It is your responsibility as an Affiliate participant to ensure that any changes or directives posted to you and/or this the Affiliate Agreement are also adhered to.

We do not provide IT-Technical Support. You are solely responsible for the development, operation, and maintenance of your website and for all materials and content that appear on Your Site. The Disaster First Aid Affiliate Program does not provide personal Help Services. You (the Affiliate participant and website) are responsible for the following:

– The technical operation of your site and all related equipment.
– The accuracy and appropriateness of all materials posted on your site according to standards set forth in this wwAgreement.
– Ensuring that materials posted on your site do not violate or infringe upon the Rights of any third party (including, but wwnot limited to, copyrights, trademarks, privacy, or other personal or proprietary rights).
– Ensuring that materials posted on Your Site are not libelous, illegal, sexual, violent, or otherwise inappropriate for this wkgroup of website affiliate members.

Disaster First Aid disclaims all liability for these matters. Further, you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless from all claims, damages, and expenses. Except as provided above, you agree that you hold no other use-rights, copyrights, title or interest to these Marks, messages, images or other content of any Disaster First Aid website or publications.

Promotion & Publicity

You are welcome to promote your own websites. however, there is the possibilty that your promotions that mentions the Disaster First Aid WebSite could potentially be miss-perceived by the public as a joint effort that has been approved by us, therefore these rules apply:

•Advertising commonly referred to as "spamming" is absolutely prohibited. Use of unsolicited commercial e-mail or advertising in any way that conceals or misrepresents your identity, your domain name or your return e-mail address is also prohibited.

•You may not present yourself as any type of representative of, or spokesperson for, the Disaster First Aid Training System or its publications.

• may not claim ownership of, partnerpship with, or any business relationship with Disaster First Aid other than your participation in this Affiliate Program. In all cases, you must always clearly represent yourself and your websites as being unendorsed by, and completely independent from, Disaster First Aid Training System.

•Disaster First Aid shall not be required to endorse, advertise, market, promote, or publicize your website, products, or opinions under this agreement.

Termination of This Agreement

Either party (yourself or Disaster First Aid) may terminate this Agreement at any time, with or without cause, by giving the other party written notice of termination. Within seven (7) days from the day of termination notification You (the former affiliate member) must remove all Text, Images, and Links relating to this Affiliate Program from Your Site. Once your membership is terminated, either by you or by us, these links will go dead and no activity will be recorded.

The terms of this Agreement will begin upon our receiving and approving/activating your Application and will end when this agreement is terminated in writing by either party. If you cannot be reached by the contact information you have provided in your control center profile, you may be terminated without such notice. Disaster First Aid / Darkhorse Press reserves the right to terminate this Agreement with no notice to you if we determine that your use of our Affiliates program is for fraudulent or illegal purposes.

Termination of membership for any cause relieves Disaster First Aid from any obligation to record or award affiliate earnings made after the termination date, including the 7-day period allowed for the removal of links and graphics etc. The termination date by either party is the actual date of termination. Unless you are terminated for fraud or illegal activity, Your final payment will be distributed to you within thirty (30) days after the date this Agreement has been terminated AND when all links and marks pertaining to Disaster First Aid have been removed from your website(s). THIS MUST BE DONE in order to complete your termination process.

Fraud or Misuse of the Affiliate Program

If Disaster First Aid / Darkhorse Press determines in its sole discretion that you are using the Disaster First Aid Affiliate program in a fraudulent, illegal or unethical manner, we reserve the right to terminate your membership and/or refuse payment for transactions sent to us via your site. For the purposes of this agreement "fraudulent, illegal or unethical manner" includes, but is not limited to, the following actions:

– Submitting false sales or sales using false or nonfunctioning e-mail addresses;
– Submitting registrations or sales using e-mail addresses belonging to other people;
– Placing your Affiliate Link within a "Hotline Server" or similar community;
– Displaying or associating your website with objectionable material
– Any other activity that Disaster First Aid determines to be unethical, unacceptable, or fraudulent.

All Affiliate Program Members must acknowledge and agree to these terms and conditions. Filling out submitting the internet application form shall serve as confirmation that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of this agreement. Anyone found in violation of these terms and conditions, either deliberately or accidentally, may be removed from the Affiliates Program.

Questions may be submitted to: contact@disasterfirstaid.com


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